Ready to Kiss Mascara Goodbye?

Ready to Kiss Mascara Goodbye?

eyelash extensions in Albany, NY

Every girl dreams of having full, luxurious lashes. Stop faking it—make your dream a reality without relying on makeup by visiting N.D. El’s Salon & Spa. We offer customizable eyelash extensions that will make mascara a thing of the past.

You can choose your eyelash length, curl and material. Once you’ve made your selections, one of our knowledgeable team members will start the process. You’ll have fuller lashes before you know it!

From individual lash applications to strips, you’ll find the perfect eyelash extensions at N.D. El’s Salon & Spa. Call 518-482-5910 to schedule an appointment.

Choose the right eyelash extensions for your needs

Choose the right eyelash extensions for your needs

If you’re ready to take your lashes to the next level, come to N.D. El’s Salon & Spa in Albany, New York.

  • classic set (natural look) $95
  • Volume set $110
  • Mixie set $125
  • Fluffy set $150

  • Classic fills (volume and mixie fills add $5 to the cost)
  • Touch up (1 week fill)       $25
  • 2 week fill              .        $45
  • 3 week fill                       $55
  • 4 week fill                       $65 (only if there are enough lash still on, may need a full set)
  • Fluffy set fills add $10 to the cost of a fill

Your eyelash extensions can last up to three weeks with care. Contact N.D. El’s Salon & Spa to learn more about our eyelash extension options.